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The AutoUniConv Unicode converter enables you to convert texts from various character sets to Unicode - automatically as the converter is able to identify the input's charset.

AutoUniConv is particularly suitable if you do not know the input's charset or if you want to process documents that may be encoded in different charsets.

Different, false or not specified charsets may complicate the processing of text. Misinterpreted characters (for example "ö" instead of German umlaut "รถ") are not only distracting for humans - they may even lead to failures in processing data.

Therefore it is useful to convert data from different charsets to a single one to get a uniform basis. Unicode is the most suitable encoding to unify different charsets and their specifically covered languages.

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Advantages Using the AutoUniConv Unicode Converter

Output: Convert to Unicode

AutoUniConv converts every supported charset to Unicode and supports the following Unicode Transformation Formats (UTF):

Input: Supported Character Sets

AutoUniConv automatically identifies and converts 39 character sets from different families. These cover both modern and common charsets as well as a set of legacy charsets.

Text from one of the following charsets can be converted to one of the supported Unicode Transformation Formats, automatically:

Unicode Transformation Formats

ISO Encodings

Legacy IBM Encodings

Legacy Windows Encodings

Legacy Macintosh Encodings

Various National Encodings