AutoUniConv - an Automatic Unicode Converter

lid Unicode converter

AutoUniConv is a software that automatically identifies the character encoding of textual input to convert it to Unicode afterwards.

The Unicode converter is provided as a C/C++ library and available for a variety of Unix systems and Windows. You can use it best as a component within complex applications.

For example, applications that process data from different sources or languages as well as any kind of automatic text processing may have problems based on character encodings. The variety of existing character encodings often leads to failures when processing text and/or to unreadable representations of characters.

AutoUniConv solves these problems once and for all! Unify your textual data to a Unicode encoding before any further processing with this Unicode converter.

You do not even have to know about the input's character encoding! AutoUniConv identifies and converts a variety of character encodings, automatically. The input can be converted to different Unicode Transformation Format schemes (UTF). Have a look at the set of supported charsets for details.