Natural language text transliteration

Transliteration is the conversion of letters from one alphabet to another one, like from Greek to Latin. But it may as well be just a simplification within one alphabet, for example omitting any diacritics found in that alphabet or substituting special characters with a sequence of characters without diacritics.

Lingua::Translit is a Perl module which allows to transliterate natural language text from one writing system to another easily. It has been released to the Perl community on CPAN as both open source and free software (see the license document for details).

Newspapers in a variety of languages and writing systems

The standards supported by Lingua::Translit cover a large set of both national and international standards, like ISO 9 and DIN 31634 - for a complete list, please refer to "Supported Standards".

The Lingua::Translit Perl module provides a simple to use object-oriented API and can easily be extended by writing intuitive character mappings in a predefined XML language. Have a look at the Developer Manual for details, examples and templates.

Lingua::Translit is actively developed not only by its developers at Lingua-Systems, but also by contributors from the Perl community. Besides that, we offer optional support for commercial users.

Feel free to send your suggestions, bugreports, patches and contributions to


Thanks to Dr. Daniel Eiwen, Romanisches Seminar, Universität Köln for his help on Romanian transliteration ("Common RON").

Thanks to Bayanzul Lodoysamba for contributing the "Common Classical Mongolian" transliteration table.

Thanks to Dmitry Smal and Rusar Publishing for contributing the "ALA-LC RUS" transliteration table.