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Lingua::Translit is a Perl module that transliterates text from one writing system to another based on a variety of standards.

The Lingua::Translit Perl module provides a simple to use object-oriented API. Along with the module comes the command line application translit.

Additional tools allow you extend the module and write your own rule sets in an XML format and integrate them easily. For the extension have a look at the Developer Manual for details, examples and templates.

For other programming languages have a look at our transliteration software Alphawandler.


Supported Transliteration Standards

The transliteration is done according to given transliteration standards defined by various national or international organisations, like ISO, DIN or GOST. Additionally common national transliteration rules can be applied.

The following standards are currently handled by Lingua::Translit:

Writing system: Cyrillic
Standard Description Reversible?
ALA-LC RUS Cyrillic to Latin, Russian non-reversible
ISO 9 Cyrillic to Latin reversible
DIN 1460 RUS Cyrillic to Latin, Russian reversible
DIN 1460 UKR Cyrillic to Latin, Ukrainian reversible
DIN 1460 BUL Cyrillic to Latin, Bulgarian reversible
Streamlined System BUL Cyrillic to Latin, Bulgarian non-reversible
GOST 7.79 RUS Cyrillic to Latin, Russian reversible
GOST 7.79 RUS OLD Cyrillic to Latin with support for Old Russian (pre 1918), Russian non-reversible
GOST 7.79 UKR Cyrillic to Latin, Ukrainian reversible
Writing system: Greek
Standard Description Reversible?
ISO 843 Greek to Latin non-reversible
DIN 31634 Greek to Latin (academic) non-reversible
Greeklish Greek to Latin (phonetic) non-reversible
Writing system: Latin
Standard Description Reversible?
Common CES Czech without diacritics non-reversible
Common DEU German without umlauts or sharp s ligature non-reversible
Common POL Unaccented Polish non-reversible
Common RON Romanian without diacritics non-reversible
Common SLK Slovak without diacritics non-reversible
Common SLV Slovenian without diacritics non-reversible


OSI approved licenses

Lingua::Translit is both open source and free software, covered by two OSI approved open source licenses, from which you are free to choose the one that serves your usage best:

Lingua::Translit is free software. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the terms of either the GPL v2 or the Artistic license.


Copyright (©) 2008 Alex Linke and Rona Linke
Copyright (©) 2009 - 2014 Lingua-Systems Software GmbH


Lingua::Translit is actively developed not only by its developers at Lingua-Systems, but also by contributors from the Perl community.

Feel free to send your suggestions, bug reports, patches and contributions to