Language Identifier / Encoding Identifier

lid language identifier

Not only because of increasing globalization, automatically identifying the language of a text is constantly gaining importance. During the early stage of digitalizing many processes, the variety of languages has also led to a vast amount of character encodings, which are often incompatible with each other even if they are used to encode the alphabet of the same language.

The products of the lid family are not only capable of identifying the language in which a text is written, but also of identifying the document's character encoding (charset). As a result, they are able to assist you in creating applications and products, that can handle textual data in a most robust manner: by making this essential information available to your software products or internally used applications.

Lingua-Systems provides a set of products to make robust language and character encoding identification available to your business and/or products:

lid language identifier

C/C++ language and encoding identification library

lid reliably identifies the language and character encoding of textual input and even short passages can in most cases be determined accurately. With minimal hardware requirements and a high performance, lid is very effective.
Due to an intuitive interface and no software dependencies, you can easily integrate lid into your software projects or infrastructures. Benefit from our knowledge!
Do you need a reliable language identifier to embed in a product? Then find out, if the lid language identifer satisfies your requirements.

lidc language identifier

language and encoding identification application

The command line application lidc is based on the lid library. It determines the language and character encoding of textual input fast and accurately. lidc supports a variety of input formats: email, HTML, XML and Plain Text.
Do you need a reliable language identifier application with already integrated parsers for a large set of common document types that is usable right away? Follow this link to find out if the lidc language identifier meets your requirements.

Lingua::Lid language identifier (Open Source)

Perl interface to the lid language and encoding identification library

This Perl extension provides an intuitive interface to the C/C++ library lid. It allows you to profit from all of lid's benefits within your Perl projects, too.
Do you need a reliable language identifier, but implement in Perl rather than in C/C++? In this case, the Lingua::Lid Perl interface to the lid language identifier may be just what you are looking for.