Language Technology by Lingua-Systems Software GmbH

Language technology allows language processing with a mixture of linguistic and computational methods. In combining these methods, natural language text can be segmented into its various units, be categorized by a set of features and be prepared for further processing.

Lingua-Systems focuses on the development of basic modules for natural language processing. Thereby we provide a set of language tools that a variety of applications can be based on. Every single module provides a solution for a distinct step in language processing - combined they allow to build the foundation of complex applications.

Who is behind Lingua-Systems?

Alex Linke

Lingua-Systems was founded in 2008 by Alex and Rona Linke.

We both are computational linguists and engaged in the development of our solutions for natural language processing.

Rona Linke

How We Develop Our Language Tools

The following five statements sum up our attitude towards the job we are doing - developing high-quality language tools.

Quality Through Passion and Research

Each development starts with extensive research and the analysis of linguistic data. This way, our software solutions are built upon a solid foundation and allow to provide the necessary robustness to accomplish language processing efficiently. Through smart algorithms our software is optimized on minimal resource requirements and fast processing speed, without the loss of accuracy.

Simplicity is the Key to Efficiency

Our language technologies accomplish solid results with high-performance and provide simple and intuitive to handle interfaces. Therefore our software solutions can be integrated into other software projects efficiently.

Besides that, we use common standards and formats wherever possible rather than introducing new ones - this way our language tools are easier to deploy and require less learning expense.

Do One Thing and Do it Really Well

This principle entered the software world in the 70th with the rise of the Unix operating system and its applications. As we have started working with Unix systems over a decade ago, we adopted this principle for ourselves as well as for our language tools: Our software is focussed on the robust solution of one problem, rather than cutting down core quality through a multitude of features.

Security is Not a Feature, but a Basic Requirement

The evaluation of security concerns is done in the early stage of conceptualising our product's design. Security relevant aspects are therefore built into our language technologies from the ground up, long before the first line of code is written. Beyond that, every single determined security aspect is tested explicitly during the quality assurance phase within our development cycle so that our software solutions can offer a high degree of security.

The Best Support is the One You Will Never Need

Our software solutions for language processing ship with comprehensive manuals that cover all steps from installation to a detailed description of all available interfaces to tips and coding examples of common techniques. This way, integrating our software can be easily achieved with as little learning expense as possible.

However, if you ever need our support someday, we offer an intuitive customer ticket system and an assigned contact person - with guaranteed response time.

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